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Do New Beds Need Box Springs

Do New Beds Need Box Springs. Box springs are not necessary for a bunk bed because they are far too bulky, and using one in a bunk bed could even prove to be dangerous. In fact, most new mattresses are designed for a firmer base, like those offered by platform beds, compared to the traditional bouncy coil boxsprings.

Consumer Reports Do you need to buy a box spring with
Consumer Reports Do you need to buy a box spring with from 6abc.com

The average box spring lasts about 10 years, which can be longer than a mattress’s lifespan. In most cases, you should not use a box spring in a bunk bed. Do you need a box spring for your mattress?

The Simple Answer Is No, You Don’t.

Why?because box springs have changed in the past decade and new box springs really don’t act as a spring. Whether you need a box spring or not often depends upon the type of frame you use. It’s not mandatory to get a new box spring when you buy a new mattress.

So, Your Mattress Might Sag Quickly And Damage Too.

For years, a mattress box spring was considered the natural choice to provide support for innerspring mattresses. If you have the money to spend, you may want to look into an adjustable bed. There’s no need for a box spring!

Below Is A Picture Of An Older Box Spring For.

Unless the mattress warranty tells otherwise, the answer to the question “do you need a box spring?” with the following bed frames is no. Has a doctor of medicine degree (md), as well as a mph (master of public health). While this is generally advisable and probably a good idea, this suggestion is merely the simplest answer — not always the right answer for you.

Since Box Springs Are Originally Designed To Absorb Impact, They Extend The Lifespan Of Your Mattress.

Do you need a box spring for your mattress? Box springs are protection found underneath your mattress. Platform beds are typically lower to the ground, making it difficult for those with joint or back pain to get out of in the morning.

Currently, Modern Beds Don’t Need Box Springs.

However, you can consider getting a box spring if: A collapsible bed frame has no support at the center. Most modern mattresses including mattresses in a box do not require a box spring.

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