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Are Bunk Beds Dangerous For Toddlers

Are Bunk Beds Dangerous For Toddlers. Bunk beds are more likely to have injuries that are worse than standard beds. Are bunk beds good for toddlers?

totally dangerous 1970s bunk beds for children's room
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The top bunk bed cannot be used for toddlers and 2 year olds. However, they do come with dangers. Half of those injured are children younger than 6 years of age.

If The Bunk Bed Is Taller Than 30 Inches, It Must Have A Continuous Guardrail On The Wall Side Of Bed.

Children under the age of six suffered the majority of the bunk bed injuries and were at the highest risk for death resulting from head entrapment and collapsing mattresses. Every bunk bed must have a warning label that advises against placing children under six years of age in the upper bunk. However, they do come with dangers.

The Lower Bunk Bed Doesn't Have Any Safety Guidelines So If Your Child Can Sleep There Using

Most injuries include cuts, bumps, bruised and broken bones. Guardrails should be used on all sides of the top bunk to stop the child from falling onto the floor or getting trapped between the bunk bed and the. The bunk beds are very useful for families with limited space rooms, but there are some safety risks with bunk beds that you need to know before buying one.

The Top Bunk Bed Is Not Suitable For Toddlers Or 2 Year Olds.

About 71,000 kids are injured each year, badly enough to send them to the er. A study from the nationwide children's hospital center for injury research and policy recommends that children younger than 6 not. Cuts are the most common injury, followed by bumps, bruises and broken bones.

Bunk Beds Have Evolved In Both Safety Features And Design Since The Days That We Were Kids.

That's why we've created this blog to put your mind at ease and answer every question you might have on the safety of your child's bunk bed. There are other less obvious, yet potentially very serious hazards associated with bunk bed structures that have entrapped children and resulted in suffocation or strangulation deaths. Keep in mind, however, that these beds also can be dangerous.

Bunk Beds Are More Likely To Have Injuries That Are Worse Than Standard Beds.

However, as with anything, safety is the number one priority. Most bunk bed injuries happen when children fall from the top bunk quite often when playing, so we have compiled some common sense safety tips. Bunk beds cause more injuries in children than standard beds do.

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